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We prepared this design to integrate Nick´s tattoo, extending his old one in Polynesian style.

In order to better merge the two parts we kept it bolder where they join, gradually passing to a more traditional style.

The elements were laid down leaving a rune cut out of the design, incorporating two tiki, an all-seeing eye and a Borneo rosette for protection.

Spear heads are for the warrior, courage and perseverance facing the path of Kamehameha, with Nick´s achievements pictured at the base (strong roots).

Braid and flax leaves symbolize the strong union in his family.
Fish symbolize prosperity, the birds are voyages and watching the world from a higher perspective while the wave nearby, shaped like a koru, is for life and new beginning.
A sea shell is for love and safe shelter.
Other elements are a stylized manta and a scorpion.

High-resolution version:
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