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Kera wera
Killer whale

Paul had a killer whale tattoo on his leg and asked TattooTribes to integrate it meaningfully with a Polynesian full band tattoo.

He loves diving and has been swimming with several sea creatures, some of which appear in his design: killer whale, turtle, sharks, manta ray.
Shark and hammerhead shark are visible on the left of the killer whale (strength, adaptability, determination and tenacity) together with a lizard (good luck), a Marquesan cross (balance and union of the elements) and an all-seeing eye on the back of the calf for protection against enemies.

The killer whale swims along shark teeth and ani ata (cloudy sky) representing ancestors.
On the right of the whale there are a manta (freedom, elegance) with the tail made of spear heads (the warrior, strength and courage), a turtle (family) with two ipus on the shell for fertility and fish hooks as back flippers for prosperity.
A sun surrounds the turtle and represents abundance and eternity, positivity, while the two chasing birds symbolize help that will always be granted to the dear ones.

The turtle is guarded by tiki hands and it swims towards a fish hook and a mere, a short war club symbol of chiefs, which symbolizes honour, valiance, honesty and respect.

Standing stones enclose the design on the bottom and waves run along the top as well as throughout the whole design.
Inside of the lower band we also included a seahorse, a sea shell and fish.

High-resolution version:
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