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Manta ray
Sea bound

This manta ray tattoo was designed for Michiel and it includes some Arabic styled motifs near its mouth to recall the time he spent in the Middle East.

The ani ata motif nearby represents ancestors watching over the family (the turtle in the center of the manta, with waves in the front flippers and a tiki on the shell for protection through changes. More waves are around the mouth of the manta).

Two rows of birds on the turtle´s sides symbolize voyages and watching the world from a higher perspective.
The Marquesan cross next to the curling wave on the right of the turtle symbolizes the balance found on water in every new start.

On the left of the turtle, a path of Kamehameha represents the difficulties he always faced with tenacity (the hammerhead shark) to find prosperity (the row of fish).

The shark that shapes the tail of the manta is a symbol of adaptability, strength and guidance.

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