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Mana motuhake

This half sleeve tattoo represents a person who took control over his destiny, creating his own path.

The 7 petals flower in the center symbolizes someone dear to the gods, a fixed star.
While enata symbolize people stopped by adversities (the paths of Kamehameha diverting them from their path), the hammerhead shark in the center represents the tenacity and determination that help overcoming any difficulty on the path to freedom (the manta ray) and success (the sun).
A stylized lotus flower represents overcoming difficulties.

Birds around the shoulder represent a higher perspective and the central one, differently coloured and oriented, symbolizes uniqueness.

The warrior guiding the hammerhead shark is also symbolized by the spear heads that shape its body.
Mountains represent stability and fish prosperity while the tiki on the sides are protective symbols.

Requested by Fabrizio.

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