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This band tattoo integrates an existing shark with animals relating to the 4 elements.

The manta ray is a creature of the sea symbolizing freedom and including here three enata for three brothers while the row of enata going all round the leg symbolizes friends, always present.
Fish are symbols of prosperity and abundance, like the fish hook.
The hammerhead shark symbolizes tenacity and determination, strength, while the lizard represents good luck and it belongs to the earth.

Birds represent voyages and a higher perspective, and they are symbolic of air and fire.

Spear heads symbolize the warrior facing any difficulty (the path of Kamehameha) to find balance and success (the Marquesan cross surrounded by a sun).

The mask of the warrior behind the calf protects the back; its outstretched tongue is a symbol of challenge against any adversity.

Prepared for Matteo.

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