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Marriage, dreams

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This manta shaped tattoo was requested by Matt to symbolize the union between him and his wife and their common passion for the sea.

We chose the word "moemoe" to name it because it has the double meaning of marriage and dream.

The manta ray is a symbol of freedom, beauty and elegance and in its center we placed a kena (warrior) shaping its mouth and protecting the symbol of the couple and the turtle below representing family.
A sun shaped by shark teeth (protection, adaptability) and mountains (stability, but islands too) surrounds the couple and helps it in their new adventure awaiting for them (the koru inside the turtle symbolizes a new life, their daughter).

Below the turtle, a twist blends with a sea shell to symbolize eternal love.

The wings of the manta include a hammerhead shark and a gecko (tenacity and sociality, health) while the tail closes the tattoo at the bottom with spear heads following the warrior theme.

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