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Roots, origins

This armband tattoo was requested by Mitch and it incorporates Polish and Tongan elements to honour his roots.

The main elements are a hammerhead shark and a turtle; the turtle is surrounded by flax leaves (family) and the shark has some spear heads overimposed (warrior).

Rows of motifs crossing the whole armband include flowers, braid, chasing birds and shark teeth (strength, tenacity and protection).

The turtle has two tikis on the front flippers to protect it from all sides and the shell is shaped by a braid for family unity.
5 letters were placed on the shell as maorigrams: S and M embracing M, B and C with a dot in the center to indicate their importance.
Around the head a sun symbolizes joy and eternity.

The hammerhead shark has a path of Kamehameha for difficulties and spear heads to always overcome them.

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