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Rua matau

Chris and his wife have a double fish hook (rua matau) joined by a twist representing their union and he asked us to turn it into a tattoo for them both.
We prepared two slightly differently styled versions of the tattoo, one for man and the other one for woman.

We integrated the double matau into a manta to symbolize beauty and Chris´s connection to water, surrounding it with a sun representing eternity and happiness.

The two chasing birds on the left wing represent the couple and the help they´ll always grant each other.
The right wing is shaped by a Marquesan cross symbolizing harmony.

The two small koru that form the mouth of the manta indicate new beginning while the tiki eyes shaped by the wings of the bigger bird are for protection.

The tail of the manta ray is made of spear heads, symbolizing courage and strength.

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Double matau manta tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Double matau manta tattoo stencil

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