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Fresh start

This band tattoo represents the warrior who faces every challenge and adversity overcoming them to be born again stronger.

The main elements are the warrior mask on the front, the hammerhead shark on the back and a dolphin and a phoenix on the sides.

The warrior´s tongue is outstretched as a challenge and spear heads enforce this meaning.
The hammerhead shark symbolizes the tenacity to face every adversity (the moray eel).
On the sides of the spear heads the path of Kamehameha represents the difficult path that led to a new found balance (the Marquesan cross above the warrior who earned it) with mountains symbolizing stability.

On the left of the shark the dolphin and a row of enata symbolize the new friends met.
On the right of the shark there is a phoenix made of waves and koru to symbolize change and new start.

The all-seeing eye at the bottom is a protection symbol, fish represent prosperity and shark teeth are for adaptability, strength and protection.

Requested by Giuseppe.

High-resolution version:
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