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Flax leaves symbolize family and they were positioned centrally in this tattoo to show its importance, being enclosed in a sun (eternity, positivity) with a marriage symbol and the maorigram MAD in the center and with standing stones on the sides representing things learnt and achieved by Mattia, who requested this armband tattoo.
Spear heads surrounding the stones and letters represent the warrior who fights for what he achieved.

On the sides there are two manta rays (freedom, beauty), both enclosing a Marquesan cross (balance, harmony, life cycle) and coconut leaves being their tails (prosperity).

The rows of birds with waves nearby symbolize travelling by sky and sea, and the canoe is a symbol of adventure and cooperation.
The rows of birds represent prosperity and the two lines of shark teeth enclosing the armband along the upper and lower edges symbolize adaptability and protection.

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attachment icon[jpg] M+A+D family armband tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] M+A+D family armband tattoo stencil

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