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In this band tattoo requested by Claudio the manta dominating the back part spreading onto the sides symbolizes the freedom reconquered with the support of family (the turtle in its center, with a warrior inside it and tiki on the front flippers for protection).

Below the manta, the path of Kamehameha represents a hard path leading to success.
The moray eel next to it symbolizes an accident and the squares on the two lines of the path represent its date.

The enata are friends and fish are prosperity. The flowers with seven petals in the top corner represents someone dear to the gods.

Spear heads symbolize Claudio's strength facing this voyage (the birds) that took him to a rebirth (the koru shaped by waves) and to a new balance (the Marquesan cross) with good luck (the lizard).
The tail of the lizard is an octopus tentacle, a symbol of adaptability and tenacity.

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