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In this half sleeve tattoo inspired by the Maori style called kirituhi we drew the blank main elements in such a way that they would design the name Zlata:
Zlata Anatoly halfsleeve

It´s the name of the daughter of Anatoly, for whom this tattoo was prepared, and it covers most of the central part of the design to symbolize her importance.

Below the Z, two black koru represent the two parents, supporting and protecting her, while the spiral nearby symbolizes their union.
The hammerhead shark motif under the koru, at the base, represents strength and tenacity.
Shark teeth are for adaptability and protection and braids are for family union.

Between the Z and the L the flax leaves motif represents family and the white koru is for their daughter.

A manaia on top protects the whole family.

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Zlata Maori halfsleeve tattoo
attachment icon[jpg] Zlata Maori halfsleeve stencil

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