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This half sleeve tattoo requested by Dragos represents the warrior fighting to protect his freedom.

A warrior mask is in the center upholding a manta right above it to represent the importance that freedom has for him, with two tiki on the wings of the manta to protect it.

The sun between mask and manta symbolizes joy, the success he fights for (with mountains for stability).

The warrior mask itself is surrounded by a hammerhead shark on the right and a lizard on the left (with dragon head to recall his name).
They represent tenacity, strength, health and good luck.

Shark and lizard are positioned in a circle as if they were following each other to recall a yin yang symbol.
The hammerhead shark also faces the adversities represented by the path of Kamehameha, also guarded by the all-seeing eye.
On its sides, at the base, standing stones symbolize achievements and lessons learnt while the row of birds symbolizes the voyage that makes him watch the world from a higher perspective.

Fish and fish hook are for prosperity.

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