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Strong, tough

This half sleeve and pec tattoo requested by Marshal to integrate a tattoo on his shoulder blade represents a warrior, always ready to fight to defend those he loves and his freedom.

The main elements are a hammerhead shark on the arm and a sun on the pec.
The hammerhead shark is a symbol for determination, tenacity and strength, often associated with warriors, whilst the sun symbolizes positivity, success and eternity.

The head of the shark contains a manta to symbolize freedom and balance (the Marquesan cross in it).

Two tiki protect him from all sides together with the lizard.

On the pec, the inner sun surrounds a mere to symbolize the centrality of the values it represents: honour, respect, valiance.
The row of warriors along the edge represents his comrades supporting him in mutual help, with the sun rays made of spear heads (strength, courage) and shark teeth (adaptability).

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