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We prepared this halfsleeve tattoo for Fabio in two different moments, initially as an armband:
Family armband tattoo
eventually adding a new part extending it to make it become a halfsleeve:
Family halfsleeve tattoo

The theme of the tattoo regards his life and his daughters, and it symbolizes the protection he will always grant them.

The tiki in the middle and the ones on the sides protect family (the turtle with the initials of his daughters incorporated as maorigrams) from all sides, surrounded by a sun for eternity and joy.
Two chasing birds symbolize help that´s always granted to the dear ones while a lizard is for health and good luck.

Mountains surround the top for stability and the ani ata just below represents ancestors guarding upon family.

Fish and palm leaves symbolize abundance, a koru shaped wave is for new start and life, shark teeth are for adaptability and protection and the manta is a symbol of freedom and beauty.

The rows of spear heads and the warrior in the turtle symbolize the protection he always grants through any adversity (the path of Kamehameha).

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Family protector halfsleeve tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Family protector halfsleeve tattoo stencil

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