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This half sleeve tattoo prepared for Sergiy represents freedom and protection.
Freedom is represented by the manta swimming towards the sun (prosperity and joy, eternity) and there are three tiki guarding on it and on family (represented in the Maori band by a double spiral for the couple and a koru for their daughter).

The flower with seven petals enclosed in the sun symbolizes both someone loved by the gods and a fixed star.
On its side there are birds on the left (voyages, watching the world from a higher perspective) and an adze on the right (work, skills, bringing the prosperity symbolized by the row of fish).

The ani ata motif encircling them all around the shoulder represents ancestors, family.

A hammerhead shark with spear heads symbolizes the warrior who faces and overcomes any adversity (the path of Kamehameha).

The row of enata is for friends and the standing stones at the base are for achievements and things learnt along the way.

High-resolution version:
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attachment icon[jpg] Freedom half sleeve tattoo stencil

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