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Dragon and koi

Ricky had a partial half sleeve tattoo done mixing sacred geometry, dotwork and Polynesian style and he asked us to complete it into a Polynesian styled full sleeve.

We completed a dotwork half cherry flower with a similar half hibiscus flower, as they have the same meaning of beauty and living every moment at its best, "carpe diem".
The row of enata around them represents the people close to him, who are part of the extended family of relatives and friends.
The dragon and ram nearby, and the Maldives island on top all relate to his family, with a tiki for protection and a lizard for good luck and health.

The flax leaves going onto the wrist are a symbol for family union while the all-seeing eye surrounded by a braid and going onto the elbow is a protection from all evil.

The dragon and the koi also relate to a Chinese legend and they represent the warrior attitude, fighting to overcome one´s limits, striving for perfection.

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