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The style of this back tattoo prepared for Lucas is mainly Marquesan.
"Paepae" is the name given to the rectangular stones used for the foundations of traditional houses, which recall the shape of the main parts of this tattoo.

Centrally at the bottom there are two moray eels representing the adversities faced in the past to finally reach to the sun on top, made of coconut leaves, representing prosperity, joy and success.

Just below the sun, the first two dark stripes include two enata symbolizing Lucas and his wife, with two tiki for protection and other elements for care, love, fertility and abundance.

The lower wider stripes include more elements from Luca´s life, with a central sun split into two parts with flax leaves on the right (family, tradition) and a star on the left (importance, the fixed point).
Other elements are a stylized twist, a Marquesan cross, tiki hands, waves, a koru, a birds net, pito, the turtle shell motif, te ara poutama, birds, spear heads and a centipede.

The kena motifs near the path of Kamehameha on the shoulders represent the warrior facing all adversities.

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