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The turtle in this design represents the voyage, and the korus inside it, symbolizing a new beginning, were placed in order to shape a mother holding a child in her arms, paired with the traditional hammerhead shark pattern, which symbolizes strength and tenacity.

The pattern used for he edge of the turtle´s shield and round the turtle´s head forms a twist, a symbol of eternal love.

The te manaias on both sides are creatures with a bird´s head, human body, and fish tail, to symbolize their power on air, earth and water, and they are guardian angels.

The motif underlying the turtle recalls the shield of the Zulu warriors of Africa.

Waves stand for continuity in change.

Requested by Hielke.

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Whaea - mother memory tattoo look
attachment icon[jpg] Whaea - mother memory flash tattoo
attachment icon[jpg] Whaea - mother memory tattoo stencil

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