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Path, way

We prepared this tattoo for Evey.

The path of Kamehameha (a challenging trail that leads beyond our own limits towards greater achievements) was designed in several ways to shape stylized waves through which the hammerhead shark swims (a symbol of tenacity, strength and determination).

Inside the shark´s body the spear heads symbolize the warrior and the row of birds represents the voyage that helps watching the world from a higher perspective.
The symbol at the end of this path is called "te ara poutama", the path of knowledge, never straight, walked by the couple (the two enata on its sides).
The two ipu represent femininity (same as the frangipani flower) and fertility.

We placed a manaia, a protector spirit, in the back fin, with a lizard just below as a symbol of good luck and communication to the gods.
Next to them, we placed the letters DTT as maorigrams.

This tattoo symbolizes the path that Evey followed with tenacity and strength, the voyage that made her look at the world under a different perspective and with greater knowledge.

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