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Tattoo of Peter


by GiErre »
2014, Feb 24th
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Peter had two tattoos on his forearm which were very important for him, and he asked us to integrate them in a full band related to his story.

Main elements are the spear heads and the hammerhead shark: they represent the warrior, determination and tenacity, valiance.
Just below the spear heads the row of ani ata symbolizes ancestors on his side and next to it we placed a lizard for good luck and protection, with a tiki guarding on it.

Above the row of spear heads another row of enata symbolizes his comrades (embracing the USMC logo), with braid symbolizing union joining the USMC logo and the hammerhead shark.

The path of Kamehameha close to the marines motto represents the adversities fought and won together with them.

Next to the wrist, flax leaves represent family and a dog paw is surrounded by a sun (positivity and joy).

Fish on top are for prosperity and the sun made of mountains is for success and stability.

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