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Jenna Kelley - Emperor penguin

Added on December 13th, 2010

Jenna Kelley - Emperor penguin

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Jenna is a dear friend of TattooTribes, and we prepared two designs for her:
Other than being simply awesome, Jenna co-drives in rallies, teaches horse-riding and writes novels.
What next, Jenna? :)

Inspired by "Emperor penguins"


Jenna requested a Maori styled tattoo of an emperor penguin to remind her of Antarctica, a place where she spent a period of her life, and which fascinated her.

We also prepared a second version with two joined penguins shapeing a heart to symbolize a characteristic of this animal: devotion. Devotion towards the mate and towards the babies (in this case pictured by a koru, a symbol of new li ...

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