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Tattoo of Leyla

Protection, family

by GiErre »
2010, Dec 20th
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This design requested by Diego was thought for the shoulder, rolling round the arm to end just above the elbow.

We placed the hand of his daughter in the center to represent her centrality, and we included it into a turtle shell to symbolize the importance of the whole family, of which she is now the center, through every change (the waves between the flippers), whilst the spear heads motif surrounding it symbolizes the warrior, the strength and protection to always defend her.

The front flippers include two tikis to protect the family from every side.

The flippers of the turtle, the waves and the manta above (freedom, beauty and protection) are positioned to resemble the leaves of a palm that has a shark (adaptability, guide) as its trunk. Palm trees symbolize abundance and prosperity, like the fish hooks placed at the tip of the front flippers; the ending part of the armband itself recalls a fish hook as a wish for prosperity to always follow the family.

Still the same meaning of abundance is related to the fish motif in the armband; the mountains motif on its edge symbolizes stability and korus are for new life.

Below the manta date and time of Leyla´s birth are placed as maorigrams.

The two chasing birds above the tail of the shark symbolize that help will always be granted to her (like a pidgeon that flies over the enjuried mate to protect her even if that means to risk his own life). Above these elements, before reaching to the turtle, we placed a lizard as a symbol of good luck.

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