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Tattoo of Welo


by GiErre »
2016, Jun 9th
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This wide leg band tattoo was designed for Chris to represent how his family is important to him.

The style is mainly Hawaiian inspired because of Chris's ancestry and each creature represented is related to a family member.
The octopus tentacle closing the tattoo on top is the ani ata motif representing ancestors guarding upon the family while the remaining tentacles are made of birds (voyages, higher perspective), mountains (stability), fish (prosperity) and the path of Kamehameha (hard path that leads to success).
The shark teeth at the bottom of the tattoo are for protection.

The lizard is a symbol for communication to the gods that is strongly rooted in Polynesian and Hawaiian traditions specifically.
It encloses flax leaves to symbolize family union.

The octopus represents a strong connection to the sea, tenacity and smartness, and it has a tiki and an all-seeing eye for protection.

The shark has a double line of shark teeth for protection and guidance and it is placed between two turtles to protect them.
The turtle on the left has the maorigram MK in it and it contains a hammerhead shark and a stylized sea urchin (which also shapes a sun) for tenacity, joy and being tender despite looking rough.
The one on the right has the CK maorigram and it contains a flower of hibiscus, a braid and a fish hook for beauty, positivity and smart thinking.

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