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How to Become a Tattoo Artist?

posted on June 16th, 2022
Becoming a tattoo artist is not easy. It requires a lot of practice, patience, and creativity. Before you start thinking about getting into this field, you need to understand that this job requires commitment and dedication. Tattoo artists spend m ...
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Tattoo initial care

posted on August 7th, 2007
You got a tattoo. How to get it at its best.Once you have your permanent tattoo, it´s better to follow some initial rules in order for the design and colours to remain at its best, helping it healing as you would with any wound (said so it seems tragic, but you do not have to worry!).  keep your ...
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Home made Henna

Henna powder
posted on July 22nd, 2007
Unlike permanent tattoos and their home making, about which we have talked in a previous article, henna temporary tattoos can be made by anyone. IngredientsThe p ...
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Henna tips

posted on July 22nd, 2007
We saw in some previous articles some particularities of henna temporary tattoos, and the meaning of some of the main basic patterns. Proceeding in the Summer season, we feel like leaving ...
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Home made tattoos

posted on June 23rd, 2007
Required:1. a good hand2. courage or imprudence3. a cork4. a needle (better 2 inches long)5. a thread of cotton6. India ink7. a transparent, slick paper8. a permanent marker9. a n ...
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How to prepare a tattoo

posted on June 2nd, 2007
Preparing a high res tattoo for printing we will use two free programs you can download from these links: The Gimp - graphic pro ...
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