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Open Source 1: Graphics

Open source, totally free softwares are spreading and getting more and more efficient as the expensive ones.

In our previous post we explained how to prepare a tattoo for printing, using free programs only; for those who don´t know them all, here comes a short list of completely free programs which can often replace more famous akin programs which cost thousands dollars...


  • The Gimp: we already named it; it´s a good graphical program Photoshop like, but does not handle CMYK colors, indispensible for typographic prints. This limitation does not affect
  • Pixel: both functionally and graphically, Pixel is very similar to Photoshop... practically a clone, working on every platform, with a main difference though: its "demo" version has no limitations of any kind. Technically free.
  • Scribus: ok, you replaced Photoshop, but what about Indesign for paging your works? Here comes Scribus, free replacement for Adobe´s program.
  • Inkscape: simple and user friendly, and powerful as well, Inkscape lets you work in vector graphics, with all that you need to create terrific photorealistic images... but this requires a bit more skill.
  • Blender: did you ever want to work with a professional 3D program for the creation of items so real you can´t tell they are not, or even movies, giving up on account of high costs? Well now you can enjoy Blender!

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This book is 4 star. This is a great reference book for those doing tatts from the Islands - Hiloman, Amazon

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