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Glowing tattoos

Chameleon Blacklight Tattoo Ink
posted on July 29th, 2007
Admit it: you always liked tattoos and more than once you thought about it, but your job and other constraints always kept you from getting one... Until not so long ago, the only alternatives were henna tattoos, which don´t lea ...
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Henna tips

posted on July 22nd, 2007
We saw in some previous articles some particularities of henna temporary tattoos, and the meaning of some of the main basic patterns. Proceeding in the Summer season, we feel like leaving ...
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Home made Henna

Henna powder
posted on July 22nd, 2007
Unlike permanent tattoos and their home making, about which we have talked in a previous article, henna temporary tattoos can be made by anyone. IngredientsThe p ...
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Traditional Mehndi meanings

Henna application
posted on July 15th, 2007
Henna has always been popular in arabian and indian cultures, as body embellishment and wishing well on important occasions. Whereas permanent tattoos always had a stronger connotation, anciently requiring strength and courage to get ...
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Adinkra symbols
posted on July 8th, 2007
Ashanti people worked out a whole alphabet of symbols representing life and society´s aspects, and which are used to decorate fabrics and garments according to some established rules.Apart from the symbols, background colors are ...
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tags: roots, meanings

Weird Tales #1

Pencil sculptures
posted on July 1st, 2007
Sometimes, playing around the web, we stumble upon some real pearls...We are glad to start our new "Weird tales" blog section, dedicated to the curiousities and weird things on the net. Lately, I´ ...
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Home made tattoos

posted on June 23rd, 2007
Required:1. a good hand2. courage or imprudence3. a cork4. a needle (better 2 inches long)5. a thread of cotton6. India ink7. a transparent, slick paper8. a permanent marker9. a n ...
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Open Source 1: Graphics

posted on June 5th, 2007
Open source, totally free softwares are spreading and getting more and more efficient as the expensive ones.In our previous post we explained how to prepare a tattoo for printing, using free programs only; for those who don´t know them all, here comes a short list of completely free programs which can often replace more famous akin programs which cost thousands ...
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How to prepare a tattoo

posted on June 2nd, 2007
Preparing a high res tattoo for printing we will use two free programs you can download from these links: The Gimp - graphic pro ...
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Evolution of a rite

posted on April 11th, 2007
Tattooing techniques from prehistory to nowadaysTattooing techniquesTattooing techniques had a long evolution in time. Whereas this lead away from the initial purpose of tattoos for ancient men, which was to send their spirit towards the deities and challenge themselves through pain, showing everyone their ...
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That´s a great idea and the book looks fab. I wish there were more animal outlines though... - TatFan, Denver

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