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 Thank you for the tattoo. Its look and meaning are amazing, exactly how I imagined it. 
-Peter, Slovakia-
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On the first Sunday of every month we randomly pick three requests among the ones we received and we prepare them for free within a few weeks!
In case your request is not among the lucky ones, you can send it again whenever you wish to any of our following lottery draws... there´s one single limit to give anyone the same chances:
do not post more than one request per each lottery, or the system will void them.
Good Luck!

Requests completed to date: 1902

NEXT LOTTERY in  1  days, on DECEMBER 3rd, 2023
Requests in this ballot: 152

Winners from our last lottery on November 5th:
Samoan armband [by Martin]
Family turtle [by Sahyl]
Stylized butterfly with letters [by Mina]

Estimated preparation time: 6 weeks

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