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Ruruku a whanau tattoo photo
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Ruruku a whanau
Family union

December 6th, 2022
  Author: GiErre

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This Maori style tattoo for the forearm was designed to complete one that Jonay had on his arm.

The two halves include elements to represent the members of his family, women on the left and his father on the right, closing on the back of the arm with the hammerhead shark motif, symbolizing tenacity to face the adversities, represented here by the steps of Mataora.

The braid behind the feminine elements represents the bond he shares with them, and the fish scales behind the double koru for the father stand for protection and for the shared passion for the sea.

The colored image below highlights the main elements Inside the tattoo:
Tatuaggio Maori per avambraccio

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forearm koru double koru hammerhead shark ahuahu o Mataora braid birds fish scales union bond family father mother sisters challenges strength protection kirituhi maori

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