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Kaitoa tattoo photo
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Brave warrior

January 4th, 2024
  Author: GiErre

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The taniwha in the center of this Polynesian band tattoo designed for Manuel is a powerful creature that embodies a warrior spirit, the will to face any challenge and defy them.
The row of birds with a final one oriented in the opposite direction is used to symbolize uniqueness, following one's own path even if it goes against the rest, while the frigate bird on top symbolizes a higher perspective on life.
A mere is placed within the head of the taniwha to symbolizes a chief, service, honor and respect.
On the other side of the taniwha, bonito tail, fish, and fish hook symbolize prosperity.

A tiki is on the back, with the all-seeing eye in it, protecting the flax leaves that symbolize family unity.

The path of Kamehameha on one side represents a challenging path, faced with strength and adaptability (spearheads and octopus tentacles), with the dog spine motif below.
On the other side there is a maorigram, with braid for unity and two chasing birds to symbolize support to the loved ones.

The ahuahu o Mataora with the puhoro motif symbolize activity, taking the steps to success with determination and physical strength, while the stepping stones at the base are for everything learnt and achieved, and the shark teeth on top are for strength and protection.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the main elements within the tattoo:
Warrior Polynesian leg band tattoo

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taniwha band tiki flax leaves maorigram mataora spearheads birds fish puhoro warrior strength family unity uniqueness protection honor chief manuel

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