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Fern leaf tattoo photo
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Fern leaf

March 12th, 2024
  Author: GiErre

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This small feminine Polynesian tattoo was prepared for Tabatha to go on the side of her neck, and it is shaped to recall a fern frond when seen from a distance.

A closer look shows three main composing elements: a lotus flower, a seashell, and a manta.

The lotus flower symbolizes overcoming adversities (represented by the swirls in the stem, looking like small leaves).

The manta symbolizes freedom and beauty, with Tabatha's sons represented by the two koru surrounded by a sun made of mountains (joy and stability).
The frangipani next to them is a symbol of femininity and safe shelter, and the two chasing birds on top symbolize that support will always be granted to them.

The path from the lotus to the manta goes through love, the seashell.

The colored image below shows the main elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian fern manta feminine tattoo

Ohana manta tshirtOhana manta tshirtPolynesian design by TattooTribes
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fern manta seashell lotus frond frangipani flower sun chasing birds koru mountains overcoming adversities femininity support love protection freedom joy maturity tabatha

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Ohana manta tshirtOhana manta tshirtPolynesian design by TattooTribes
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