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Pikorua tattoo photo
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April 11th, 2024
  Author: picchio

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This small tattoo was requested by Dean and it had to include some specific elements, like the name Linsay and two lotus flowers, in the shape of a pikorua, a double twist.

The double twist represents two lives bound together, which will always be connected even if separated at times, and it's a symbol of love and union, while the lotus flowers represents overcoming difficulties.
The ending y of the name forms a double spiral, which adds to the meaning of the pikorua itself and shapes two stylized koru, while flax leaves symbolize family union.

Shark teeth symbolize protection and they draws a sun around the top for eternity and joy.

The shading gives some three-dimensionality to the tattoo and visually enhances the twist shape.

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pikorua twist linsay lettering lotus flower flax leaves double spiral shark teeth sun bond union family protection overcoming adversities love dean

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