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Tribal sharks tattoo photo
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Tribal sharks
New start

May 2nd, 2024
  Author: GiErre

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This bold tattoo was prepared for Eric and it blends modern tribal patterns with a few Polynesian symbols that represent some important things in his life.
It was designed to go up from the thigh following the hip flexor.

A shark and a hammerhead shark in the middle represent strength, the tenacity that brought a new start (the koru) leaving adversities in the past (the thorns and moray eel that remain on the back).
Both sharks include waves and shark teeth to symbolize water and protection in water.
The tail of the shark is shaped like a manta as a symbol of freedom, while the hammerhead shark has spearheads and shark teeth in the body, and a warrior shaping its head, to symbolize courage, strength, and determination, with mountains for stability.

The lokahi symbol represents balance and harmony, and the fish hook prosperity.

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tribal shark hammerhead shark koru manta fish hook waves lokahi thorns moray eel warrior water protection overcoming adversities stability harmony balance new beginning eric

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