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Taurangi tattoo photo
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December 27th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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The chameleon is known for its camouflage skills, for the ability to change its own colour and wait hidden. It represents change and patience, the power of renewal.

Similarly the waves that we used all over this design are a symbol of continuity through change, of renewal, and the shark teeth motif reminds us that in order to change we often need strength and adaptability, to reach abundance and wealth (matau, or fish hook) from a new beginning (koru, or unfolding fern frond).

Based on a request by Simone.

Repeat the part marked on the stencil to get the right length around the arm.

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taurangi changeable chameleon waves shark teeth fishhook koru hei matau koru change patience strength new beginning abundance wealth

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 Beautiful! Love it! 
  by Thea
 Criativíssimo e original...   very creative and original! 
  by Gabriel
  by Jeremias
 hi,yes is very beautiful and im so happy coz i have this tatoo at my hand.. 
  by nashu999 romania
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