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Claddagh tattoo photo
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Love, friendship, loyalty

January 26th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The Claddagh, usually shaped as a ring, is an Irish symbol made of a heart held by two hands and surmounted by a crown, and it represents eternal love and union.

The heart symbolizes love, hands are friendship and the crown means loyalty.

Carla asked this tattoo for her and for three of her friends, always close to each other even when far away.

We added 4 curls inside of the heart just to symbolize these four people, and each one of them can colour one of the curls differently, to symbolize themselves inside of the group.

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claddagh ring hands heart crown love friendship loyalty lovers

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 Had part of this tattoo done last week. I just changed the crown because it looks too feminine and changed it for another crown I found on this site. Carrying it around for life now on my back. Great art, thanks GiErre ! 
  by Ilpadrino78
 cool design... making it a bit more trible and adding the words... "Tada Gan Iarracht" nothing with out effort under it 
  by GT
 linda. vou fazer com o nome da minha filha 
  by harkle
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