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Swallow tattoo photo
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Freedom, protection

February 4th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Birds in tattooing have several meanings, among which the most recurrent are, especially for the swallow, freedom and safe return home. Birds are often also used to represent the soul.

In this design, a much stylized manaia forms the swallow´s head and breast, enforcing its protection value; just below, a fish hook symbolizes wealth and prosperity (it is also believed that seeing the first swallow will bring prosperity), and the waves and korus forming the wings are symbols of new beginning and change.

Requested by Annika.

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swallow bird te manaia koru waves freedom voyage return protection prosperity wealth new beginning change transformation

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 I love this tattoo. My daughter got it on her foot and I will get a matching one on my shoulder. It has such wonderful meanings and looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing your art!! 
  by KNovack
 Thanks for sharing this beautiful tattoo!   I have it on the back of my shoulder and I really like it!  
  by Janice
 I love this tattoo - simple and beautiful 
  by Larnie
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