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Manta with twist tattoo photo
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Manta with twist
Friendship, freedom

March 9th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The manta ray is a symbol of protection at sea, and it represents elegance and freedom.

Marie requested a manta with a triple twist to recall some friends that are always present in her life, the waves represent her passion for the sea and korus symbolize new beginnings.

The first version has shark teeth to represent strength and adaptability, whereas the second has seagulls for freedom and communication to the gods. The spot before the manta is the goal to aim at, one´s own happy island, which can be reached with determination; the tail can be shaped to form letters, in this case a M.

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manta twist waves shark teeth island elegance freedom friendship determination strength adaptability reaching one´s goals

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  by sole
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