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Heart song tattoo photo
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Heart song
Union, complicity

June 30th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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These hearts were requested by Fernando to go on two different people.

The two halves contain two phrases from the same song "Live forever"; they are "Maybe you´re the same as me" and "We see things they´ll never see".

The two phrases form two hearts by closing the lines even if taken alone, but they look complete only when they are close to each other as in the higher sample, to symbolize that those two people are complete only when they´re together.

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heart union love live forever oasis song lyrics completeness Fernando

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 I´m a huge OASIS fan and couldn´t believe my eyes when I say this tattoo! It contains lyrics of their best song ever. Amazing, love it! 
  by Nathalie
 I love this; beautifully simple but stunning and incredibly sophisticated. 
  by Abbi
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