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Twin sisters tattoo photo
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Twin sisters
Two lives one soul

April 21st, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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Emilia requested a stylized design to represent the bond she shares with her twin sister.

The steps in the image show the evolution of the design: we started with an image where the two halves of a woman (representing the two sisters) share the same heart, one same soul, with their initials added.

Stylizing it we used the letters themselves to form the arms and we split the design into two halves completing them with wings shaping two butterflies, to symbolize the beauty and preciousness of their bond, so that each of them can ink the butterfly with the headletter of the other.

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sisters twins union bond butterfly beauty harmony precious woman heart soul

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 Is there any way you can do it with the innitials J and J? Me and my sister are identical twins and we love the design.   
  by Jenna
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