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Tattoo of Ahi tipua


by GiErre »
2010, May 9th
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Jan works as a volcanologist and she asked for a design that could symbolize that, and balance among the three main aspects of her life: work, family and spirituality.

The general shape of this design recalls thus a volcano, with two korus on top recalling upwellings and representing her two sons (korus indicate new life and descent), surrounded by two suns because they are the sun of her life.

The left side of the volcano is a manaia, representing protection and balance, with the tail ending in a mangopare motif (hammerhead shark) representing determination in reaching her goals, and shaped like a fish hook (prosperity and status).

On the right of the manaia, from bottom to top (i.e. from material matters to spirituality) a second fish hook and a sun were inserted to symbolize work and success in work, followed by a turtle (family) whose shell is made of a double spiral (eternity) turning into a sea shell (love and shelter) as a wish for love and safety to her family, flanked by mountains, where Jan works. Above them, a bird represents communication to the gods and the change of perspective that allows to see the world from a higher level, with an aum to symbolize a spirituality that Jan feels close to.

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