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Howling wolf tattoo photo
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Howling wolf

March 4th, 2008
  Author: picchio

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The wolf is often chosen as a tattoo subject on account of his rapidity and free spirit, but it has also got another important characteristic: fidelity. Once the wolf has chosen a mate, they will keep faithful to each other for their whole life.

The star in this design, requested by Gaetano, wants to represent just that.

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wolf howling star fidelity Gaetano

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 i have never really thought about getting a wolf tat until i read this, i now will have one very close to it, but probably a moon and not a star 
  by Bobbie L.
 I love this tattoo! I have been searching for new tattoo for over a year and this is it!  
  by Jules Ann
  by moer
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