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Girl with dandelion tattoo photo
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Girl with dandelion
Wishes, soul

January 16th, 2011
  Author: GiErre

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Taraxacum is a plant commonly known as dandelion.

Dandelion seeds form on top of the stems those characteristic globes that, when blown, get carried by the wind like many little parachutes.

Often while blowing a dandelion people make a wish, and on these accounts dandelions symbolize wishes that come true, and also freedom and soul.

We added butterflies to form the girl´s dress, and shaded it, inspired by Shakespeare´s quote "We are such stuff as dreams are made on".

This design containing the phrase "breathe some soul in me" was requested by Marika.

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dandelion taraxacum dent-de-lion breathe lettering child girl butterflies wishes freedom dreams happyness soul Marika

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 awesome :) 
  by kasiek
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