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Tattoo of Whitinga o te ra


by GiErre »
2011, Feb 27th
HI-RES [jpg]


From general to specific: this design requested by Jeri is shaped like a sun, which symbolizes positivity and eternity, energy.

It starts from low on the back to end on the front of the shoulder to symbolize the past and the future; we placed symbols like the moray eels on the lower back rays, for past difficulties and hard times, and we used positive symbols for the future, like a fish hook (prosperity and wealth), a seashell (love, intimacy and safe shelter) and chasing birds (freedom, always there to help the loved ones). It represents leaving bad times behind for a positive future. The sun itself has a spiraling shape to enforce the idea of developement and growth. Spirals are also symbols representing the sun and eternity.

We shaped the right side of the sun like a moon, which is a symbol of fertility and femininity. Sun and moon together represent the meeting of opposites and the impossible that becomes possible.

Numbering the rays clockwise starting from the longest lower one as number 1, the elements are:

Ray 1) it represents difficulties (the moray eel) and a change (waves) wich, thanks to adaptability (shark teeth) leads to a new protected (the hands of the tikis and the all-seing-eye that wards enemies off) start (the koru). Frangipani flowers represent beauty and shelter. The two chasing birds are for help from the dear ones, family (the half turtle on the spiral, close on the right with the front flipper being the start of ray 7).

Ray 2) again adaptability and tenacity (the hammerhead shark motif) to defeat hard times (moray eel) for a new life (the koru) of beauty (flower), harmony and balance (the Marquesan cross).

Ray 3) determination (stylized hammerhead shark motif)

Ray 4) a seashell for a future of love and safety

Ray 5) freedom, protection and prosperity ahead in life

Ray 6) from the tip to the sun center: adaptability and protection (shark teeth) to bring prosperity (fish hook) and good luck (a lizard; not easy to spot, but the tail is on the ray and the body with head and front legs are on the spiral of the sun, pointing down along the curve of the spiral.

Ray 7) changes and prosperity among them.

From the center of the sun, going along the spiral, we placed a tiki (a protector divinity and a symbol of fertility), beauty (the flowers) and femininity (the ipu), enata (people) to symbolize true friends whom Jeri carries close to her inner self, protecting her (the tiki hands), the lizard and the turtle.

After the small enata there are shark teeth, flying fish (prosperity), hammerhead shark and birds (watching the world from a different perspective).

The moon incorporates shark teeth, waves, a seashell and a twist, which is a symbol for neverending love and bond between two persons.


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FREE printable PDF cards of the symbols
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Had no luck with your lottery... but who cares? ;-D The book is very inspiring and I´ll try to draw it myself! - Paulo, Barcelona

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