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Tattoo of Brian


by GiErre »
2011, Mar 28th
HI-RES [jpg]


The prominent elements of this half sleeve requested by Brian are a turtle on the shoulder and two hammerhead sharks in the armband, with their tails meeting in the middle where, being mirrored, they form a stylized yin yang.

The koru between them represents life.

Below the koru and the shark, on the left, a moray eel represents difficulties which have been overcome with determination and tenacity (the sharks themselves), strength and courage (the row of spear heads crossing the armband).

Below the shark on the right, on the back of the arm to represent it belongs to your past, other past difficulties leave space to a lizard to represent health in the present. The row of birds symbolizes watching the world from a different perspective. Three human figures above them represent relations, friends and support.

Two birds are separate from the others to represent how Brian´s dear ones will never lack his help.

Fish and a fish hook symbolize prosperity.

The turtle represents the navigator, and family, and we placed a female figure inside of it to represent his grandma, surrounded by a stylized sun (eternity, positivity) to symbolize her constant joy and carefulness.

Above the female figure, a triple twist represents the meeting of different cultures, for his origins.

Surrounding the turtle, braids symbolize union and shark teeth are for adaptability, strength and protection.

Below the turtle, between the men, two tiki eyes guard on Brian and on his family for protection.

The mountains on the edge of the shoulder piece enforce the symbolism of the sun, and also represent islands he´ll visit and stability.


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