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Tattoo of Marenatanga


by GiErre »
2011, Apr 28th
HI-RES [jpg]


This tattoo from ankle to knee was requested by Andrea to symbolize family and some important people in his life: his wife, his son and his grandpa.

The double symmetrical symbol centered in the lower left sun symbolizes the couple, marriage, surrounded by the sun as a symbol of eternity, positivity and joy; beside the sun, above the shark teeth motif (adaptability and protection), a maorigram reports the date of his wedding: 7 10 2006.

Just above, on the right pointing upwards, we placed the turtle symbolizing family, with two tiki as the front flippers to guard on them from every side. On the shell, a koru (new life) represents his son, surrounded by a lizard (luck, protection) and by a sun, with a maorigram of his birth date (5 1 8).

On the sides of the turtle there are two tiki eyes (protection) and fish symbolizing prosperity and abundance (also symbolized by fish hooks on the tips of the front flippers).

Before the turtle a manta is visible (freedom, protection, beauty). In front of it an enata (man) holding a row of spear heads represents the warrior, and it symbolizes Andrea´s granpa; just above it another maorigram reports the date related to him: 31 1 10.

Past the spear heads (strength, valiance, courage), on the back of the calf, there´s an all-seeing eye, to scare enemies off and keep evil away, surrounded by a sun made of shark teeth (strength, adaptability).

Birds symbolize watching the world from a higher point of view, and by following each other they mean that help will always be granted to the dear ones. The fish hook again is a symbol of prosperity and status.


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