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Wairua tattoo photo
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Spirit, soul

May 8th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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We decided to name this design "Wairua", or spirit, soul, because it features many elements which often appear in Maori art: the fern bud, or koru, that represents a new beginning; the tiki, a symbol of protection and connection to the Gods, which appears almost on every island of the Pacific Ocean; the lucky bringer geko and of course a series of sea-related animals: turtle, whale, shark (its stylized teeth) and manta ray.

´Cause the real Maori spirit is deeply connected to the sea.

Inspired by a request by Marco.

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 I germogli di felce stilizzati sono sul guscio: sono i "riccioli" allungati (ad esempio a destra del tiki),mentre i denti di squalo, sempre in forma stilizzata, sono le serie di triangoli contrapposti, sempre sul guscio in più punti. 
  by GiErre
 What a great tattoo! Like the wise turtle said "You can´t get ahead in life if you don´t stick you neck out." This one blends some of the best designs together. It inspired me to get my first tattoo. I got on my left shoulder. Thanks GiErre! 
  by Mike L
 Love it! got this design done, with some slight changes over a month ago, on Koh Phanghan on my foot. Did get infected by my own neglect, but still a wonderfull result many thanks!   
  by Michiel
[TT: always follow the tattooist advice and protect it till it´s healed! It´s about paying attention for 3 weeks and you will be fine for the rest of your life! :)]
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