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Tattoo of Ara


by GiErre »
2012, Dec 24th
HI-RES [jpg]
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From bottom to top the turtle represents family and the row of birds represent friends walking the same path as Christopher, who requested this tattoo, along the same way represented here by the spiral taking him through changes (waves) towards a new beginning (the koru shape of the shoulder element) that brings prosperity (the fish), freedom (manta), stability (mountains) and success (the sun, eternity and energy).

Birds also symbolize travelling, watching the world from a higher perspective.

The central lizard symbolizes good luck and it´s a wish for the future.

The spear heads (the warrior, strength and honour) represent him walking along this path, the hard trail being represented by the motif of Kamehameha´s path with shark teeth representing adaptability and strength.

The turtle has fish hooks making the back flippers to symbolize prosperity and union and two tikis making the front flippers to protect family on all sides.

On the shell, the braid motif indicates union while the two figures right above, often used for marriage, symbolize the bond with a special person.

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

I have skimmed through the book and become so very interested in the contents... Very good and suitable for a self-education in Tattoo-ology! - Anne, London

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