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Tattoo of Aiga


by GiErre »
2013, May 30th
HI-RES [jpg]


Paul requested this half sleeve tattoo inspired to Samoan traditional motifs with the addition of other Polynesian elements as well, showing his main values being family, his children and his fiancee. It was later extended to a full sleeve tattoo.

The standing stones at the elbow represent the achievements Paul has built on, thanks to determination and adaptability
Symbols of the coconut tree were incorporated into the armband representing both abundance and the leader, since Paul had to take on the family business after his father passed (the two moray eels surrounding an upside down enata in the central part of the design, to show ho important he was for Paul).

Above it, always central in Paul´s life, are his children and fiancee, represented by the three frangipani flowers symbolizing beauty and protection, the biggest one for her and the ones on the sides for the children.
The spear heads in the middle symbolize the strong and tough spirit she has, making her a reference for the whole family through any difficulty; right on the left is their son: the centipede represents his fighting and sometimes rebel spirit, a stylized rugby ball was included for the times father and son play together and a tiki arm represents he is always ready to protect his sister if needed; on the right side, representing their daughter, a stylized manta symbolizes beauty and femininity, the hammerhead shark motif is for tenacity and the sun is for her joy and positivity.

Above all, the turtle symbolizes their family union (like flax leaves do too) with the two chasing birds representing the help that is always granted among them, with symbols of unity, strength and prosperity.

Other elements included in the armband and integrating the meanings of the design are the fish (prosperity and abundance), shark teeth (adaptability and protection), spear heads (strength, valiance), birds (watching the world from a higher perspective, voyages), flax leaves for family union and flowers for beauty, joy and abundance.

On the inner part we stylized the logo of the Ironman, which Paul completed.

Aiga is a Samoan word meaning family.


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