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New Zealand tattoo photo
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New Zealand

July 21st, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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Serena requested a design that could incorporate inside New Zealand´s shape a few of its typical animals.

The used style is inspired by Maori styled kirituhi inside which we inserted animals related to New Zealand´s sea, land and sky: manta (freedom and beauty), shark (strength and protection), kiwi (generosity) and frigates (voyage).
These two, chasing each other, also represent help granted to the dear ones.

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new zealand kiwi manta shark frigate waves sun sea sky land beauty freedom protection strength help

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 Beautiful. Would love to see it worked with Rakiura, the anchor stone added. 
  by Sharon
 It is really meaningful would let me to tattoo on my arm. 
  by Mohammad mohibee
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