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3 Turtles tattoo photo
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3 Turtles

August 13th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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The three turtles composing this tattoo represent Marcantonio, his brother and his sister.
The tiki and tiki hand that shape the right flippers are shared by all three turtles and they symbolize protection.

The first turtle includes a moray eel and a path of Kamehameha representing the difficulties faced with strength and courage (the spear heads) to earn freedom (the manta) and prosperity (the fish hook).
The bird for the head symbolizes voyages and watching the world from a new perspective.

The second turtle incorporates spear heads for the warrior, braid for union, and a sea urchin, which symbolizes being "spikey" outside but tender on the inside.

The third turtle includes an ipu and a tipanier flower for fertility and femininity, a tentacle for adaptability and tenacity, and a sun for joy and positivity.

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turtles tiki bird moray eel path of kamehameha sea urchin braid tipanier flower ipu sun family brothers sister union protection warriors joy bond

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